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Welcome to ShadiFun! We’re a team of gaming enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the best and most fair game and app reviews, tips and tricks, guides, and news to the gaming community. We, the team behind this innovative website, were brought together by our shared passion for creativity and design. Led by our experienced project manager, Alex Johnson, we embarked on the journey to create an exceptional online platform.

ShadiFun was created to give gamers worldwide an honest and trustworthy source of information about the games they love. We knew reviews had to be unique, so we assembled a specialized team of writers with diverse backgrounds and extensive gaming knowledge. The team members come from all walks of life: from professional players to casual gamers who are passionate about their hobbies. Each member is responsible for providing insightful opinions about games in their unique way.

Regarding breaking news, the team is always on top of the latest trends, keeping gamers up-to-date with all the latest updates, releases, and events happening in the gaming world. The mission is to provide not only reliable information but also captivating stories that make reading content an enjoyable experience.

Meet the team behind SHADIFUN: passionate gamers and tech entusiasts!

At ShadiFun, we strive to create an open environment where everyone can feel welcome and safe while expressing their thoughts freely. Reviews should be unbiased and transparent so gamers can decide which games to play.

  • Alex Johnson
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief
    Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer ScienceWork
    Experience: Former software developer and game designer
    Responsibilities: Oversees the site's operations, manages the team, and ensures the accuracy and quality of content.
  • Tyler Anderson
    Senior Writer and Editor
    Education: Bachelor's degree in Journalism
    Work experience: Former game reviewer for a major newspaper
    Responsibilities: Writes reviews and articles, edits content, and provides guidance to other writers.
  • Anna Lee
    Social media manager
    Education: Bachelor's degree in Marketing
    Work experience: Former social media manager for a mobile app company
    Responsibilities: Manages the site's social media accounts, creates social media strategies, and engages with the audience.
  • Olivia Henderson
    Content contributor
    Education: Bachelor's degree in English Literature
    Work experience: Freelance writer
    Responsibilities: Writes articles and reviews, pitches ideas, and provides feedback on the site's overall content strategy.
  • Lily Chen
    Graphic designer
    Education: Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design
    Work experience: Former graphic designer for a gaming company
    Responsibilities: Creates visual assets for the site, including logos, banners, and other graphics, and advises on the site's overall design.

Our passion is your enjoyment

At ShadiFun, our team’s passion for games and tech is evident in everything we do. From our founder’s innovative vision to our talented writers, developers, and designers, we strive to provide our readers with engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual app user, we are committed to ensuring that your experience on ShadiFun is both enjoyable and useful.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at ShadiFun! Thank you for being part of the community!