Genshin Impact Players Express Discontent Over 4-Star Pity System

  • 11-05-2023
  • Tyler Anderson
Genshin Impact Players Express Discontent Over 4-Star Pity System

The world of Genshin Impact continues to expand with new content, characters, and weapons. However, as the game develops, so do the concerns of its players. One issue that has been a topic of discussion among the Genshin Impact community is the 4-star pity system. Players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the system, claiming that it does not guarantee a fair distribution of 4-star characters and weapons.

The pity system in Genshin Impact is designed to ensure that players receive a 5-star character or weapon after a certain number of wishes. However, the 4-star pity system has a similar mechanism but does not guarantee the same results. Players have discovered that the 4-star pity system does not differentiate between characters and weapons, making it difficult for them to obtain their desired 4-star characters.

This issue has led to frustration among players who spend their hard-earned Primogems and other resources on wishes, only to receive 4-star weapons instead of the characters they were hoping for. Some players have even gone as far as creating petitions to address this problem, requesting that the developers make changes to the 4-star pity system to make it more player-friendly.

While it is understandable that the developers want to maintain a level of randomness in the game to keep players engaged, the current 4-star pity system seems to be causing more dissatisfaction than excitement. Many players have suggested that the system should guarantee a 4-star character after a certain number of wishes, similar to the 5-star pity system.

As Genshin Impact continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial for the developers to listen to the concerns and feedback of their player base. Addressing the 4-star pity system could significantly improve the gaming experience for many players and increase their overall satisfaction with the game. While it remains to be seen whether the developers will make any changes to the system, the Genshin Impact community will undoubtedly continue to voice their opinions on this and other issues.

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