Instagram's Threads to Introduce Branded Content Tools Amidst Claims of Trade Secret Theft

  • 13-07-2023
  • Olivia Henderson
Instagram's Threads to Introduce Branded Content Tools Amidst Claims of Trade Secret Theft

Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, is set to introduce branded content tools to its microblogging app Threads, according to a source cited by Axios. This move is seen as a strategy to foster collaborations between marketers and influencers in paid partnerships on the social media platform, especially in the absence of advertising. The parent company Meta, however, remained silent when asked for a comment by Reuters.

Threads, which has been considered a potential competitor to Twitter, had a remarkable achievement of reaching 100 million users within a record five days. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had previously stated that monetization for Threads would only be contemplated once the platform demonstrates a clear pathway to acquiring a billion users. To that end, Instagram has enabled users to migrate their accounts, credentials, and followers to Threads. This process grants the text-centric social media platform access to Instagram's user base, which boasts more than 2 billion users.

Despite the absence of advertising on Threads, several companies have initiated the creation of accounts to organically share content on the platform. However, some experts argue that the absence of hashtags and keyword search functions on Threads could hinder its appeal to potential advertisers. This limitation could pose a challenge to maximizing the potential of the new branded content tools.

Alongside these advancements, Threads is also facing accusations from Twitter regarding the alleged theft of trade secrets. Twitter claims that Meta developed Threads using its trade secrets and has demanded an immediate halt to such actions. According to Twitter, Meta hired a significant number of its ex-employees who allegedly retained devices and documents from Twitter and were deliberately assigned to work on Threads. It remains uncertain if Twitter will pursue a lawsuit over these allegations.

In conclusion, Instagram's Threads is poised to introduce branded content tools to enable collaborations between influencers and marketers. This move comes amidst rapid user growth and allegations of trade secret theft by Twitter. The success of this new feature will likely depend on the platform's ability to attract advertisers, which could be impacted by existing limitations such as the lack of hashtags and keyword search functions. As the battle between these social media giants continues, all eyes will be on the unfolding events.