Microsoft and Boosteroid Join Forces: 10-Year Partnership to Bring Xbox Games to Cloud Service

  • 16-03-2023
  • Tyler Anderson
Microsoft and Boosteroid Join Forces: 10-Year Partnership to Bring Xbox Games to Cloud Service

Microsoft has announced a new 10-year partnership with Boosteroid, the world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider. This agreement will enable Xbox PC games to be made available on Boosteroid, as well as any Activision Blizzard titles, should Microsoft's acquisition of the company go through. The partnership will make it easier for gamers around the world to enjoy their favorite titles without having to own an expensive gaming console.

The new agreement between Microsoft and Boosteroid is part of an effort by Microsoft to expand its reach in the global gaming industry. This move comes after Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media earlier this year, signaling its intention to become a major player in the industry. By partnering with Boosteroid, Microsoft can leverage its existing infrastructure while also making use of its cloud technology. With access to over 1 million games on different platforms, gamers worldwide can now enjoy their favorite titles from anywhere at any time.

In addition, this partnership could also open up opportunities for further integration between Xbox consoles and other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, via streaming services like Google Stadia or GeForce Now from Nvidia Corporation. Through these services, players can enjoy console-quality graphics without having to buy a dedicated device – allowing them even more access than ever before!

Moreover, if both companies' plans come to fruition, then Call of Duty fans could soon be able to play on Boosted using their mobile phones or computers! Players would be able to join online matches seamlessly while still enjoying all the features that they expect from an AAA title experience, like team battles and high-end graphics rendering capabilities that are usually only found on dedicated consoles such as PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X.


The announcement of this strategic alliance marks yet another step for both companies towards cementing themselves within the gaming industry – something which is sure to bring joyous news for many hardcore gamers out there who want nothing more than accessibly great experiences no matter where they are located or what type of device they're playing with! With detailed graphics enabled by cloud computing technologies being made available across multiple devices free from external hardware investments – we may just witness a whole new era in console gaming, thanks largely due in part due this unique collaboration between two giants within the tech landscape!