Monopoly GO: What Happens to Stars at End of Stickers for Rewards Season

  • 07-01-2024
  • Tyler Anderson
Monopoly GO: What Happens to Stars at End of Stickers for Rewards Season

In the popular mobile adaptation of the beloved board game Monopoly by Scopely, an engaging digital collectible system is incorporated by adding a Sticker collection. These Stickers add an intriguing element to the classic game, as players accumulate them by engaging in various challenges, tournaments, and events within the app.

As part of the gaming experience, players often amass numerous duplicate Stickers. The mobile game Monopoly GO introduces a clever mechanic allowing these duplicates to be transformed into a currency known as Stars. During seasonal events such as the "Heartfelt Holidays," players put in a lot of effort to collect these Stars, using them within the game.

Players can trade duplicate Stickers with their friends for Stars, which can unlock treasure troves of rewards. There are three tiers of safes - Green, Blue, and Purple - and the quantity of Stars exchanged determines the value of the rewards. Yet, not all Stars are utilized before the season wraps up.

Those keen on overseeing their Star collection can do so via the game's Stickers for Rewards section, accessible through the chest icon on the screen's lower right-hand side. A critical aspect of this feature is the reset at the season's end. When a new Sticker Album series starts, any previously amassed Sticker Albums and remaining Stars are reset. This mechanism incentivizes players to make the most of their Stars each season rather than accumulating them without purpose, as they will become obsolete after the season concludes.

Gamers with a plethora of Stars as the season ends can still benefit by unlocking the highest-value safe they can afford, thus obtaining exclusive sticker packs for the new season. However, any leftover Stars will vanish after unlocking the safe.

Nonetheless, the onset of a new cycle heralds an opportunity for a clean slate for participants, allowing them to accumulate an entirely new set of Stickers and set their sights on a novel range of prizes. The upcoming term in Monopoly GO is christened "Monopoly Origins," highlighting a series of 21 unprecedented Sticker Albums. With the season ending on March 28, there's an ample window for enthusiasts to pursue Stickers and transform them into Stars.

This system keeps the game dynamic, ensuring that players are continuously motivated to actively participate in the seasonal challenges and maintain a sense of novelty with each new batch of collectibles introduced.