Resident Evil 9 May Have Been Internally Delayed – Rumour

  • 28-04-2024
  • Tyler Anderson
Resident Evil 9 May Have Been Internally Delayed – Rumour

Based on information from Dusk Golem, it appears that Capcom might be postponing the debut of the eagerly awaited Resident Evil 9 to enhance its development, despite initial plans for a 2025 release. The news emerged from a conversation on Discord and was subsequently posted by @ResiEvilCentral on Twitter, suggesting that the newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise might experience a notably longer development timeline. Remarkably, this title is not only taking the longest to develop in the franchise's history but is also operating under the largest budget ever allocated to a single game in the series.

The same insider hinted that Capcom could introduce a different Resident Evil game before the release of the ninth mainline installment. However, Dusk Golem has yet to confirm this definitively. Further stirring interest, there's a buzz around the development of Resident Evil 9 using the open-world technology from Dragon's Dogma 2, though the implications for the gameplay style and design are still unclear.

This development strategy could indicate Capcom's commitment to enhancing the gaming experience, potentially leading to a groundbreaking entry in the iconic series. As fans eagerly await concrete details, the anticipation continues to build around what could be a pivotal evolution in the Resident Evil saga.