SaGa Emerald Beyond is Out Now on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

  • 28-04-2024
  • Olivia Henderson
SaGa Emerald Beyond is Out Now on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

Square Enix has unveiled its latest addition to the SaGa franchise, titled SaGa Emerald Beyond. This new installment is accessible on various gaming platforms, including PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android, ensuring that a broad audience can enjoy its offerings.

The game introduces players to six distinct characters, each setting out on their own quests across 17 diverse worlds. One of the characters, Ameya Aisling, is on a mission to reclaim her lost magical abilities. Another intriguing character is Diva No. 5, a robot who once was a singer and is now desperate to recover her singing capabilities and lost memories. As players navigate through different worlds, they will confront unique scenarios leading to multiple potential outcomes.

Combat in SaGa Emerald Beyond is strategically complex, incorporating a timeline system that allows players to interrupt foes before they can act. Additionally, the game features a dynamic where players can spontaneously learn new attacks during skirmishes through a process known as the Glimmering system. Players can also engage in United Attacks, a method for chaining attacks together to inflict substantial damage on opponents.

With its rich narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and expansive world, SaGa Emerald Beyond invites players to immerse themselves in a new chapter of the SaGa series that promises both adventure and mystery.