Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017

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Ubisoft's "Just Dance 2017" remains a powerhouse in the dance gaming category, captivating a wide-ranging audience with its vibrant music selection and user-friendly mechanics. Released across various platforms, including the innovative Nintendo Switch, this edition boasts more than 40 new songs. From contemporary chart-toppers to enduring favorites, there's a variety for all preferences.

The game introduces an improved user interface, which enhances visual appeal and eases navigation, allowing players to effortlessly switch through songs and settings. A notable addition is the Just Dance Machine mode, offering a variety of dance challenges that test player skills in numerous genres.

Connectivity and Community: Beyond Just Dancing

Just Dance 2017 stands out for its outstanding connectivity, thanks to the innovative Just Dance Controller App. This app transforms any smartphone into a reliable motion tracker, supporting gameplay without additional hardware and enabling large groups to join the fun effortlessly.

The World Dance Floor mode adds a competitive and communal spirit by connecting players worldwide to compete in real-time dance-offs. Despite occasional network delays, when operative, this mode greatly enhances the overall gaming experience and community feeling.

Considerations: Some Areas that Need Improvement

Although the game enjoys widespread acclaim, it isn't without its detractors. Occasionally, the motion tracking accuracy declines, leading to annoyance, particularly in competitive scenarios where exactness is key.

Furthermore, while group sessions are thrilling, the solo playing experience can become repetitive. The game lacks a detailed single-player mode that maintains engagement over extended periods.

Community Insights and Summary

User reviews for Just Dance 2017 are largely positive, emphasizing its diverse song selection and the physical activity it promotes. It serves as a delightful way for families and friends to bond while moving to the beat.

While some advanced dancers may find the challenge lacking, casual players continue to enjoy its inclusive and fun nature. Occasional bugs and the monotonous solo mode aside, Just Dance 2017 stands as a compelling entry in the series, with Ubisoft showing a sustained commitment to enhancing gameplay with each annual release.


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