Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad

Embarking on an epic journey across the treacherous ocean blue, Raft offers a challenging yet thrilling adventure that seamlessly blends survival tactics with collaborative strategy. Stranded on a small, rickety raft in the middle of nowhere, players are challenged to tussle with nature, gather scarce resources, and fend off maritime threats, all while quenching their thirst for exploration.

Hooked on Survival

The essence of Raft lies in its unique survival mechanism. Employing a simple makeshift hook crafted from discarded plastic, players are thrown into an immediate struggle for sustenance. The vast sea is a double-edged sword - threatening and resource-rich. The hook becomes your lifeline, enabling you to snag floating debris and materials essential for survival and raft expansion.

Crafting Your Fate

A pivotal feature of Raft is the crafting system. As you collect flotsam, you are afforded the chance to engineer survival gear, defensive weapons, and even agricultural setups to sustain life on your floating homestead. Progression is marked by an innovative research table, where learning new crafting recipes not only feels rewarding but is critical to advancing toward the game's mysterious islands.

Nautical Construction

Raft provides an engaging building experience where players can turn a simple fragment of wood into a sprawling maritime mansion. The joy is in the journey - starting from nothing and slowly assembling a vessel that reflects your survival skills and aesthetic preferences. This architectural freedom is a central part of the game’s allure.

Destinations Unknown

The islands of Raft present diverse challenges and narratives. Steering your raft towards these enigmatic landfalls is an adventure itself, filled with the suspense of uncovering the ruined vestiges of civilization and solving puzzles that stand between you and your next voyage.

Beneath the Waves

When the waters are calm, players can anchor their crafts to take daring plunges below the waves. The ocean floor is rich with resources necessary for your raft’s enhancement. However, diving is no leisurely swim—sharks and other oceanic predators lurk, presenting a fierce but exciting obstacle.

Conclusion: Floating Towards Fun

Raft successfully delivers a multifaceted gaming experience that is as much about camaraderie and adventure as it is about survival. The collaboration in online co-op and the tension of protecting your maritime haven from the relentless shark bring constant engagement. It’s a game where every sunrise on the horizon heralds new possibilities and challenges.


  • Intense and immersive survival mechanics
  • Dynamic crafting and building systems
  • Engaging in multiplayer co-op gameplay
  • Diverse, explorable environments with underlying stories
  • Threats and challenges that keep gameplay exciting.


  • Resource gathering can sometimes feel repetitive
  • Limited story elements may leave some players wanting more
  • Predators like sharks may become predictable over time.


  • Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad
  • Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad